My novels provide entertainment, enjoyment, and escape. They don't expound social commentary, and they won't change the world. Women, collectively, have the power to make our planet a better place.Let's do it together! 

As a retired banker, I've experienced first hand the positive impact that properly funded small business loans can have on a community. Microloans have proven to be a life changing force in improving the social and economic empowerment of marginalized women, and their families, throughout the world. Small amounts can make a huge difference. 

I have personally vetted the non-profits below as ones having a proven track record of success, and being deserving of my book sale donations. Their financial statements show stability and minimal expense of administrative costs on a percentage basis. They are predominantly ran by women, and each have an emphasis on fostering equality and human rights. They're phenomenal organizations. Check them out !  


10% of the net profit from book sales are donated to non-profits that empower women, foster gender equality, and promote human rights worldwide!
Please join me in promoting the empowerment of women throughout the world!
20 plus years of experience working with women in countries affected by conflict
​Connecting people with micro-loans that help to to alleviate poverty
Breaking down the barriers for the education of young girls
Global partnership committed to ending child marriage
They've nearly eradicated polio, next goal, world peace. I've been a Rotarian for twenty years. It's where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change