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Thank you book bloggers who were willing to give a debut author a chance!

I was hooked from page one and devoured this fast paced Romantic/Thriller in twenty four hours. I found Chenille to be a mix of selfish, greedy, dishonest, yet lovable and intriguing all at the same time.

 I love how the author slips back and forth between future, present and seamlessly tells the story with different POV’s. Chenille is so impulsive that this makes for one interesting story. Chenille being a lawyer makes her deceit and crime all the more puzzling until we learn more of her backstory. 

This book really has it all and took me on an adventure of crime, adultery and intrigue. I recommend putting some time aside once you start reading this book, it is that fast paced and interesting. There is a bit of a cliffhanger that has me wanting to read the next installment as soon as it is available.
​I don't think I have ever been so engrossed in a book that I did not care for the characters. What a tribute to the author!

Chenille is greedy, self-centered, and manipulative. She's easy to hate. Her husband, Daniel is wrapped up in his world of work, sex and denial. How did these two go from having what seems to be a perfect marriage to lies, larceny, and love?

I was hooked page after page trying to figure out what was coming next, mafia, embezzlement, money-laundering, international travels. The story adds layer upon layer of intrigue. 

I won't give any more of the plot so as not to spoil the reader. I believe this is a useful escapist novel. Book two will be out next year. What kind of dastardly deeds will Chenille attempt next, or has she been truly reformed.