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Deceptions of Chenille is a Romantic Suspense novel written with alternating, yet simultaneous, points of view. A multi-cultural triad of love stories evolve, each with their own unexpected outcome. 

Attorney, Chenille Conrad, is intelligent, beautiful, and on the fast track to a successful career, a house in the suburbs, and a family to fill it. That is, until her unbridled greed propels her into an inescapable web of her own creation, putting her life, and that of her young son in danger. 

When her husband, Daniel, returns from a business trip, she has mysteriously disappeared. They are so deeply in love, she had to have been abducted. Profiled by the police as a controlling, jealous, husband, he becomes the primary suspect. In the process of proving his innocence, he puts the pieces of the puzzle together, yet can't overcome his innate need to protect his wife. As the investigation unfolds, shocking clues exposing her motivations, and true persona, are revealed. 

Deceptions of Chenille is contemporary fiction, refreshingly free of graphic violence and erotica. Definitely not Chick Lit. A page-turning, romantic thriller that will leave you anticipating the Netflix series (fingers crossed).

The Fears of Dawn is a thought provoking story of love, family relationships, and self-realization that spans the decades.

Dawn is an ordinary woman drawn into extraordinary experiences. As a teenager in San Diego in the mid-sixties she epitomized the California Girl persona. She soon discovers that paradise is fleeting, and responsibility is inevitable. Through personal triumphs and tragedies she develops a reliance that empowers her to overcome her fears. Strength to a fault. So adept at helping  others, she is blind to her own needs. Will her tenacity sabotage her own happiness? Will she deny herself true love because she's too independent to recognize it? When her ultimate fear materializes will she surrender or fight?

The Fears of Dawn is reality fiction that overlaps both the historical fiction genre and women's literature. Release date is 2022. 

Disappearance of Chenille chronicles the continuing saga of Chenille Conrad, and her battle in discerning right from wrong. Her struggles as a single mother, trying to provide a secure life for her family, steer her into an illegal business opportunity. Is she aware of the risks? Can she resist the temptations that haunted her in her previous life?  Book two of the trilogy will be released in Spring 2021. Perfect for beach totes everywhere.

​Delusions of Chenille, the final installment of the trilogy, finds Chenille again partaking in international travel. All she wants is a fulfilling job and a husband who loves her, and her son, wholeheartedly. She learns that doing the right thing, is not always easy, but the rewards are great. Will her good deeds back-fire and land her in jail? Can she achieve her ultimate goal of finding everlasting love? Book three of the trilogy will be released in fall 2021.