​After a successful career as a Vice President for a large international bank, I traded small business lending for creative writing. Years of experience in the corporate world and entrepreneurship, have given me a unique perspective in developing multi-faceted characters; relentless, assertive women who are not deterred by adversity.

My novels focus on the strengths and vulnerabilities of independent women, and the consequences of their choices. Conflicted characters who navigate the triumphs and tragedies of life with resilience and tenacity. Every incident, every twist and turn, every relationship, could have happened - to your mother, your daughter, your sister, yourself. 

As the CEO of Pacific Premier Publishing, I enjoy the challenge of marketing my novels as much as I do creating them. Book sales enable me to provide funding to charities that empower women and promote world peace. That's how I measure my writing success.

​My husband of forty plus years and I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, camping, kayaking, skiing, fishing and wine tasting. With three sons and four grandchildren, I am truly the most blessed person on the planet. My claim has not been verified, not has it been disputed. ​


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